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Volume 1, Issue 4

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Featured Physician

Ben H. Freeman, M.D.

Ben H. Freeman, M.D.
Orthopaedic Surgeon

Expertise: Shoulder, Elbow, Hand, Spine, Hip, Knee, and Foot & Ankle

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Laptops: More Harm Than Help?

Whether using your laptop for school, work, or recreation, laptops are becoming an essential part of our daily lives. They are perfect for getting work done on the go, but recent studies suggest they can cause bodily harm. A laptop’s design is ideal for causing muscle strain, neck, shoulder, and hand injuries. Learn the signs and solutions for this rising cause of pain.

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Keep Spring and Summer Safe This Year

Swimming is a great way to stay fit and have fun at the same time. However, carelessness can cause shoulder, wrist, knee, foot, and ankle accidents. The Orthopaedic Group, P.C. offers these swimming injury prevention tips:

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Youth Arm Injuries a Growing Concern

Many youth, from 8 to 14 years old, are sidelined each year from either throwing too many pitches or throwing breaking balls at too young of an age. As a result, greater injury prevention measures are being taken.

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What to Eat for Strong and Healthy Bones

Regardless of age, maintaining strong bones is an essential part of preventing bone disesases such as arthritis and osteoporosis from occurring. Find out what to eat and what to steer clear of with these helpful suggestions from The Orthopaedic Group, P.C.

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Procedure Gives Trigger Finger Sufferers a Solution

A condition that affects tendons in your fingers or thumb, trigger finger can cause a great deal of pain. Learn about trigger finger release, a treatment option offered at The Orthopaedic Group, P.C. to help relieve the pain experienced by trigger finger.

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