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Alec’s Story – A Full Recovery After Total Knee Reconstruction

Injuries can happen at any time, anywhere. This was the case for Alec Yasinsac, a former Marine who experienced a dislocated knee during what seemed like a harmless incident. His fear, especially as a highly active individual, was that he may be left with a limp. However, thanks to the expertise of Dr. Busbee and Dr. Cope, Alec was able to undergo a successful knee reconstruction that allowed him to resume his active lifestyle.

The knee is one of the largest and most complex joints in the body. It is made up of bones, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons. When one or more of these components are damaged or injured, it can result in varying degrees of pain and discomfort. 

Alec was walking through a field when a bee landed on his left calf. As he swatted at the bee, he twisted awkwardly, causing his knee to dislocate beneath him. His knee was stabilized at an urgent care facility, but it was already clear that he would need more significant medical attention. This seemingly minor accident resulted in two ligaments completely severing, with the lateral collateral ligament rupturing, in addition to his ACL.

Alec says, “This accident was so shocking because of all the things I’ve done in my life and that it happened in a freak accident way. If I were going to be injured in this way, you’d think it would be from skiing or running.”

Upon referral to the Orthopaedic Group, he was introduced to Dr. Busbee and Dr. Cope, who would help him embark on his journey to recovery. They worked together to reconstruct the knee, utilizing anchors and pins, and also harvesting tissue to recreate the damaged ligaments. The operation took around 2.5 hours, but the results were life-changing.

Alec feared his active lifestyle was on the line prior to the surgery – but following Dr. Busbee’s guidance about the recovery process played a large role in his recovery. He worked diligently with his physical therapist to regain strength and mobility. In a matter of months, he was able to walk without a limp and resume activities such as snow skiing, water skiing, biking, and running marathons.

“The best thing to me is that I can waterski and snow ski again,” Alec shares. “I was going to be happy to just jog or bike again. I am convinced now that in 3-6 months I’ll be nearly at 100% based on the magic of these two physicians.”

Accidents can happen to any of us and can sometimes be life-altering. Our fellowship trained physicians, like Dr. Busbee and Dr. Cope, are here to help you navigate your path to recovery and make it possible for you to return to the life you love – even after a significant injury.

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