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From Honduras with The Orthopaedic Group

From Honduras with The Orthopaedic Group

Dr. McGinley, Dr. Barbour and Scottie Chappell are part of a week-long medical mission to Honduras with Christian Medical Mission of South Alabama. Dr. McGinley is sharing a daily journal from Honduras with us.

Day 1, June 16: Easy trip. Dinner with medical students who have seen a lot of patients in gang area clinic. Amazing stories.

At hospital today lining up cases. For first time we will have two OR rooms,  so hopefully we can get many cases done. Scottie and Kendra will each run room. Mac and Phyllis (who is Dr. Barbour’s wife and also a nurse) are in high gear. Pray for patience, flexibility and such.

Day 2, June 17:  We have had a busy and successful day. Dr. Barbour and team did seven surgeries, including tendon transfers and major abscess drainage of the entire forearm.  Good local team. The medical students observed and did health clinic.

Seeing 200+ patients each day; praying for and with many. Dr. Bert Park, Bill’s brother, worked with neuro surg and will scrub in on difficult hand case in the morning. I did a total knee at another hospital with Scottie’s help. Kendra kept Barbour team moving. Lots done. Pray for all tomorrow.

Day 3, June 18: Another good day. Mac did eight cases with Scottie running between two rooms—all time record. Included two acute machete injuries. Med students saw many patients at clinic in mountains out of town. Delivered good baskets to widows—reached by paths through wilderness. Keep prayers coming.

Day 4, June 19: Surgery with delays yesterday, but Dr. Barbour, Scottie and team soldiered through and got all done. Nine cases set for today. Lots of machete injuries and burns; also doing tendon transplants. Not the usual surgical fare.

The medical students saw 300 and 305 patients in the last two days. They will start again in the morning. All eyes are opened to real world. Hopefully they will be the next generation of missionaries.—Dr. McGinley

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