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Is Back Pain Keeping You From Things You Love?

Back pain is something many of us experience, and it can be very frustrating when the pain keeps us from doing the things we love to do. Many of our day-to-day tasks can be painful – everything from bending over to lifting to taking a daily walk around the neighborhood. 

Nearly 65 million Americans experience back pain that limits their daily activities. Some of the most common problems that cause back pain include:

  • Arthritis: Osteoarthritis is a common diagnosis affecting the lower back. In some cases, arthritis in the spine causes the space around the spinal cord to narrow, a condition called spinal stenosis.
  • Osteoporosis: Your spine’s vertebrae can develop painful fractures if your bones become weaker and brittle. These fractures can occur from even simple movements such as lifting groceries or other light household chores.
  • Muscle or ligament strain: Repeated heavy lifting or a sudden movement can cause strain to the back muscles. It can be caused by a single instance of improper lifting or from prolonged, repetitive use. This can cause broad, aching pain across the back or painful muscle spasms. 
  • Bulging or ruptured discs: The soft material between your spine’s vertebrae are called disks. These disk help absorb shock and act as cushions in your spine, holding your vertebrae together and allowing for mobility. This material can bulge or rupture, creating pain because it pushes on a nerve.  

Don’t let back pain prevent you from enjoying the things you love. If you or someone you know is experiencing back pain, call to make an appointment with one of our three fellowship-trained spine surgeons, Dr. Clinton Howard, Dr, Todd Volkman or Dr. James West. The Spine Center experts at The Orthopaedic Group, P.C., provide surgical and nonsurgical treatment for all types of neck and back pain, injuries, and diseases. Each doctor has specialty fellowship training in the spine. 

Each of the doctors at The Spine Center has specialty fellowship training in the spine and are experienced in these areas of spine care: deformity, trauma, and pediatrics as well as neurosurgical, cervical, thoracic, and lumbar degenerative disorders.

For more than 40 years, patients throughout the Gulf Coast have chosen our orthopaedic doctors at The Orthopaedic Group, P.C., for specialized care in the spine, shoulder and elbow, hand and wrist, hip and knee, and foot and ankle.

Our fellowship-trained doctors have extensive education and experience in evaluating, diagnosing, and treating all orthopaedic injuries and conditions.

Experienced, Expert care for over 40 years.

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