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Jennifer Newberry Retires After 40-Year Career

Jennifer Newberry retirement
Dr. Milton Wallace presents a special retirement gift to Jennifer Newberry

Jennifer Newberry, a Mobile native, is retiring after a 40-year career with our practice. Jennifer started at Mobile Bone & Joint in the 1980s, and transitioned with us during our merger and practice name change to The Orthopaedic Group, P.C.

During her career, Jennifer has worked at several of our locations. She started at the Springhill Avenue office, then at our Providence Medical Building, and now works at our Airport campus.

For the first 35 years of her tenure, Jennifer was a medical transcriptionist until she transferred to our phone room. She partly credits her career to Valli Johnson Diamond, a friend who recommended her for the job, and Ron Blake for hiring her.

We asked Jennifer, “What is one of the most impactful things you’ve experienced at The Orthopaedic Group?” With a hint of excitement, she told the story of a young lady, Dr. West brought from Indonesia for scoliosis surgery. Jennifer said she played a minimal role in organizing the arrival and coordinating all the moving parts, but she is grateful and moved to have played even a small part in the process. She told us about the family feeling she often has at work and appreciates all the relationships she has developed over the years.

Jennifer went on to share one unique story after another, but one thing she is extremely thankful for is the benefits offered. She said, “If it were not for the 401k and profit sharing, I would not be able to retire at the young age of 62 years old.” Jennifer credited the group and physicians for the generous insurance benefits and contributions made to her retirement despite her not always contributing to it herself. As a single mom to two daughters, she is most thankful she did not have to worry about these things.

After 30 years at a job, you are bound to collect funny stories along the way – and Jennifer was happy to share one. “When we were Mobile Bone & Joint, the practice wanted to order custom yo-yo’s as marketing material. One day, all the physicians were in Montgomery for a “tort reform” meeting, and one of their wives came to the office. The wife came in and asked, “where are all the yo-yos? One of Jennifer’s coworkers replied, “They are all in Montgomery.” This was followed by some light-hearted laughter and somewhat of an embarrassing moment.” Jennifer said this was a funny moment, and the doctors got a good chuckle out of the story.

On December 31st, The Orthopedic Group, P.C. said goodbye and good luck to one of our great family members. We are incredibly thankful for Jennifer and her work over the years. If not for the dedication of employees like Jennifer, we could not be the leading orthopedic group in the area.

For retirement, Jennifer plans to keep busy spending time with her two daughters and three grandchildren. We wish her all the best!

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