Laughter and Love as PT Administrator Celebrates 20 Years and Retirement

As a young, eager 19-year-old, Jennifer Fincher was nervous going in into her first interview with then-CEO Patrick Page. However, Fincher’s quick wit and desire to work hard earned her a job offer on the spot as the newest file clerk at Mobile Bone & Joint in 1995, reporting to the one and only Kathy Bailey.

In Fincher’s role as a file clerk, she played a vital role in transitioning to today’s Airport Blvd. facility and a merger that established The Orthopaedic Group, P.C.

Fincher left to be a full-time mom, of which she says, “I loved being home with my babies and having that opportunity.” Just four years later, she returned to her newly formed work family as the Physical Therapy Administrator – a position she’s held for the last 20 years.

Over the course of her tenure, Fincher has gained many memorable stories and relationships. The most memorable moment she experienced was a patient jumping over the desk to place her in a chokehold. Fortunately, her longtime friend Jessika heard the commotion and was quick with the assist in the unexpected moment.

Fincher has developed strong relationships, especially in the PT department. For Fincher, she shares that Allison Blythe, PT Director of Therapy, has been one of the most impactful people over her two decades at The Orthopaedic Group. Fincher describes Blythe as, “Someone who cares about people and is genuine when she says or does anything.” She goes on to share, “Allison is quick to get in your stuff when something is not correct because she expects us to do good work for the patients; however, she’s also terrific in admitting when she is wrong – which isn’t often!”

Her time at The Orthopaedic Group also means that Fincher’s own family has grown up alongside those of her co-workers. One of the funniest family stories came from her own surgery experience with Dr. Cope repairing her ACL. Fincher confirmed with the nurse in pre-op that she wasn’t pregnant – only to learn in post-op that she was, in fact, pregnant, with Dr. Cope getting to share in the news. Dr. Cope would later be one of the many who would visit her after the birth of her son.

Fincher’s new adventure will be filled with spending time with her family as she patiently awaits the arrival of a grandchild. She plans to relax with her husband and try not to drive him crazy.

From everyone at The Orthopaedic Group, P.C., we thank you, Jennifer, for all the hard work you have put in over the years. Thank you for your role in growing the therapy department, from one clinic to six clinics across the Gulf Coast. Finally, we thank you for all the comedic relief, motherly love, and friendship you have provided to the therapy department for the past 20 years. Congratulations and good luck in your retirement!

Check out the photos from our celebration for Jennifer’s retirement:

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