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Meet Dr. Michael Eslava: Combining Compassion and Hard Work to Get Patients Back to Active Lifestyles

Growing up as a military brat allowed Dr. Michael Eslava to travel the world, but it was Baldwin County that called him back after his service. There aren’t many people who can trace their family history back to the 1700s like the Eslava family can. Dr. Eslava’s father’s family can trace their roots back to Don Miquel Eslava, the Spanish Treasurer who settled in Mobile way back in the 1700’s.

Growing up, Eslava’s parents were his biggest inspirations, with his Korean mother instilling a deep respect for education and his disciplined father teaching him the importance of hard work. Even doing bed inspections in the morning to ensure military-level standards were met! Their guidance sparked his journey towards a career in medicine.

Dr. Eslava found his calling in orthopaedics and sports medicine during his time in the military. Seeing firsthand the number of active duty patients with training and sports injuries, particularly those involving the shoulders and knees, made him want to hone his skills in treating these types of injuries. And that’s exactly what he did! Helping people get back to their active lifestyles is a rewarding challenge that he loves tackling every day.

When asked about the biggest change in medicine, Eslava shared that it was the shift to the digital age, with even the operating room seeing advancements in technology. Eslava says, “It’s exciting to imagine what new advancements will trickle into the industry in the future!”

Dr. Eslava shares that his greatest accomplishment was completing medical school and residency. Even though it was a challenging journey, he was determined to make it through – even after experiencing the loss of his father during his second year. Despite being a new father and facing financial difficulties, he never gave up on my dream.

Family was and continues to be a strong guiding force in Eslava’s life. He shares that if he could have dinner with anyone, it would be his mother. He says, “I miss her dearly and wish she could have seen her grandchildren and all that I’ve accomplished. She’s the one who instilled in me the values of compassion and hard work that have helped me become the person I am today.”

Dr. Eslava hopes to instill these same values in his children. He is married to Vanna, a CRNP at The Orthopaedic Group, and they have four beautiful children, spanning from age 31 to 1 year old. He says, “Yes, their ages are a wide range, but I feel it keeps me active!” When he’s not at the office, you can find him with his family, traveling, or just riding a boat on the peaceful Magnolia River.

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