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New checkin process to improve wait times

kiosk Improves wait times

We are working to make your healthcare experience better and more efficient. In March 2016, we implemented an electronic check-in process at our Airport Boulevard location. Below are benefits of the new system:

– A smoother check-in process

– Reduction in redundant clipboard paperwork

– Real-time information regarding your own co-pays, deductible and insurance information

– Greater personalized customer service by our staff

The kiosk goes through a series of questions, some you have answered on a previous visit, but this process will prevent you from completing redundant paperwork on future visits. Upon completion of this simple registration process, the kiosk will tell you if you have any balance or copayment due for the visit. The most important thing to remember is you are required to bring your ID (driver’s licence) and insurance card for every visit to our office. Upon subsequent visits, you will simply check in at the kiosk with your driver’s license and the kiosk will pull your information to complete the check-in process.

Click to watch a great video illustrating how simple this new electronic check-in process will be for you. 

We know that change is sometimes difficult, but this is one instance where change will allow for greater patient experience and satisfaction and at the same time allow us to run the office more smoothly. We will continue to provide you with the same quality health care you have been receiving, so the continuum of care will be seamless. Our staff is really happy about this and trust that you will be too.
Please do not hesitate to contact our office at (251) 450-5050 if you have any questions, concerns, need to schedule an appointment.

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