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New Entrance Opens for MRI Patients

February 9, 2015

Construction is now complete at our Airport Boulevard office on a new entrance and lobby area for patients needing a MRI. You will now enter on the west side of our building.

We’ve also added a new whole-body, high-field MRI scanner. The latest in magnetic resonance imaging technology, it provides quicker, higher quality and more precise scans. It is set up exclusively for orthopaedic conditions. Patients who may experience claustrophobia find this scanner to be more spacious, with the tunnel only four feet long.

Ortho After Hours Clinic Closes

February 9, 2015

The Orthopaedic Group is no longer operating Ortho After Hours. The after-hours, walk-in clinic opened last February as a convenient option for people with orthopaedic injuries to get treatment quickly and without having to wait until the next day to see a specialist. It also allowed them to bypass the emergency room.

“Unfortunately, the volume of business did not increase to the level that we needed for the clinic to be financially viable,” says Ellen Niland, public relations director for The Orthopaedic Group.

Jeffrey Conrad, M.D.

Specialist Spotlight – Dr. Jeffrey M. Conrad

February 9, 2015

As a sports medicine specialist, Dr. Conrad definitely knows his specialty, not only from his role as a medical doctor but also from the role of an athlete. A graduate of Tulane University and from the University of South Alabama Medical School, he completed his fellowship training in sports medicine and shoulder surgery at Duke University.

Therapy: No Pain, No Gain

November 5, 2014

When we talk about outcomes for our patients, it’s not just about how well our patients come through surgery or respond to the treatment prescribed by our specialists. It’s about how successfully their quality of life has been restored and physically what they can do.

In a lot of cases, those outcomes depend on the physical and occupational therapy they receive. Working diligently during therapy can get patients back to their normal routines much sooner.

Family genetics

It Really Is Your Parents’ Fault

November 5, 2014

As a parent—or as a child—you know how easy it is to sometimes blame parents for everything that goes wrong. Curly hair, math deficiencies, car ran out of gas. It’s mom or dad’s fault.

When it comes to some health issues, genetics may be to blame. Lifestyle or environmental factors may not be able to overcome what your parents passed on to you via their genes.

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