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May Is Arthritis Awareness Month

May 12, 2014
With May designated as Arthritis Awareness Month, it’s the perfect time to start a walking program if you don’t already have one or maybe add to your current pace—particularly if you suffer from arthritis.
Arthritis is a disease of the joint, which is where the ends of two or more bones meet. The most common cause of disability in the U.S., it currently affects an estimated 50 million adults in this country and as many as 300,000 children. Sometimes regarded as an “old person’s disease,” it is actually most common in patients under 65.

Patients Can Undergo Surgery With Eyes Wide Open

May 12, 2014

Our hand surgeons at The Orthopaedic Group, P.C. now give patients the option of having surgery for some conditions, such as trigger finger and carpal tunnel syndrome, without being put to sleep. Along with being more efficient and less costly, this wide-awake surgery allows patients to chat with their doctor throughout the procedure.

ACL reconstruction saves local softball star’s career

June 3, 2013

After suffering what could have been a career-ending knee injury, local softball star, Burgandie Rabe, regained movement and returned to the softball diamond following an anatomic ACL procedure. Otherwise known as an ACL or Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction, this innovative procedure reestablishes the ligament in a more anatomical way than other treatment options.

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