Not Sidelined After Surgery – Julius’ Return to the Field

Julius Rogers has been playing football since he was four years old, but last year he thought it may all come to an end.

The left tackle at Baker High School sustained a hit to the knee during a game. When he heard his knee “pop,” he thought his playing days may have been over. He tried to play over the next three months but the pain in his knee wouldn’t go away. His mom, Monique Williams, knew it was time to see a specialist.

Dr. Busbee examined Julius and determined he had torn his meniscus – a C-shaped piece of cartilage within the knee. The meniscus serves as a cushion sitting between the femur and tibia – and the tear wasn’t getting any better. The only option was surgery.

“I was worried when Dr. Busbee said he needed surgery,” Ms. Williams said. “But Dr. Busbee explained the whole process to us and put us at ease moving forward.”

The outpatient surgery repaired the tear, but, as Dr. Busbee says, recovery is “ a team effort between the surgeon, patient, and the athletic trainers.” Julius had physical therapy three times a week, allowing his knee to heal so he could safely return to the sport he loved.

“Overall, our experience with The Orthopaedic Group, P.C. was very satisfying,” says Ms. Williams. “They were there every step of the way.”

Being available to student athletes doesn’t just happen at the office–the Sports Medicine Center of Excellence has fellowship-trained surgeons who provide sideline coverage to football teams during the fall.

“I would recommend The Orthopaedic Group because they will get you back on the field as soon as possible,” Julius says. “I’m really glad I’m back on the field.”

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