Hip Arthritis

Hip arthritis is a condition caused by wearing away the smooth, protective layer between the femur and the pelvis in the hip joint. This can occur due to overuse, age, or an acute hip injury. If you suffer from hip osteoarthritis or arthritis, you most likely suffer from a dull ache and stiffness around this area of your body in the morning. For most people, the pain tends to lessen throughout the day with gentle activity, but more vigorous activities can make the pain worse.

Hip arthritis symptoms may include pain in the outer thigh, groin, and buttocks, and worsen over time. This is because, if left untreated, your joints will continue to wear away the protective layer between them, making your hip pain more severe and regular until treated.

There are medications that you can take to help manage the symptoms associated with arthritis of the hip, but these medications may not treat the cause of the pain. Surgery is usually the most effective method for alleviating the pain of hip arthritis.

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