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The Orthopaedic Group Comes to TRMC

TRMC gets boost from Mobile

The Orthopaedic Group Comes to TRMC

| October 07, 2020

By Jeff Byrd
Editor, The Thomasville Times

The Orthopaedic Group has found a new home inside the Thomasville Regional Medical Center.

Dr. Todd Engerson had his staff and The Orthopaedic Group Clinical Manager Bart Benson come up from Mobile Friday morning to make the announcement.

“This is a beautiful facility,” said Engerson after seeing a couple of patients Friday morning. “It’s shiny, brand new, and with wonderful operating facilities. We’ve been able to use the new MRI scanner. It is super high quality.

Engerson said he has been practicing in Thomasville about every two weeks, for more than 20 years.

“We used to go to the old Thomasville hospital and then when Davita Dozier came back, we used her office, then Grove Hill and Jackson. But this just made more sense. First, it’s a bigger facility and they have more space for us,” Engerson said.

Engerson said Clarke and Washington counties make about 20 to 30 percent of the Mobile group’s practice.

“They are hard-working people here and it’s what we like to do, help them,” Engerson said.

Thomasville Regional Medical Center Director of Operations Jodi James was ecstatic with the news of the Mobile group adding its needed services for TRMC’s patients.

“We are so excited to have The Orthopaedic Group come here. Add this to our MRI Cat Scan, we can utilize these new services for the people who live in this area and not have to drive 90 miles to get it,” James said. “That’s what we are about, bringing health care close to home. If you live in this area, you don’t have to leave the area.”

Benson said the Mobile group is just as excited to find a home at the TRMC.

“They approached us about this new facility,” Benson said “They showed us the facility and we found it makes sense for us, a good percentage of our patients comes from this zip code. So, we took them up on the opportunity. ”

The Orthopaedic Group has 22 doctors who work on all aspects of the medical scale. This includes joint replacements, sports medicine, hips and knee replacements. They have more than 200 employees at its two locations in Mobile, along with clinics in Saraland, Foley and Fairhope.

Engerson said he has evolved his practice over the years. “I’ve become involved with sports medicine, but I do a lot of the joint replacements, hips and knees,” Engerson said. “I do not do spines. We have three spine specialists who work with those.”

The TRMC recently broke out on its new clinical wing last month. The Mobile group will move to an area there when it is finished.

“I heard they have broken ground on it. We’re just glad they have given us a wing of the hospital here. We will come up every other Wednesday with our crew. That includes a clerk, a medical assistant and nurses.


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