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Therapy: No Pain, No Gain

When we talk about outcomes for our patients, it’s not just about how well our patients come through surgery or respond to the treatment prescribed by our specialists. It’s about how successfully their quality of life has been restored and physically what they can do.

In a lot of cases, those outcomes depend on the physical and occupational therapy they receive. Working diligently during therapy can get patients back to their normal routines much sooner. “Outcomes are much improved when a patient’s surgeon and therapist work closely together,” says Allison Blythe, PT, therapy supervisor at The Orthopaedic Group. “Being upstairs from the surgeons enables and promotes a continuation of care for our patients.”

About 100 patients come through our therapy department daily, where, just like our doctors, the physical therapists and occupational therapists also specialize in specific areas. Our team of therapists includes one of the few certified hand therapists in Mobile and two specialized spine therapists. Other therapists focus on shoulder, knee, hip and ankle rehabilitation.

“We work with the doctors to develop a treatment plan specifically for individual patients. This helps to improve movement, reduce pain, restore function and improve quality of life,” says Allison Blythe, PT.

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