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Regenerative Therapies

Regenerative therapy offers an alternative to surgery and traditional pain management. At The Orthopaedic Group, P.C., we harness your body’s healing response to stimulate new cell growth to repair muscle, tendon, ligament, cartilage, and nerve.

The Orthopaedic Group, P.C. uses regenerative therapy to treat a variety of orthopaedic injuries and conditions, ranging from shoulder pain to heel pain. The conditions we treat include osteoarthritis, partial tendon and ligament tears, and muscle tears.

There are a variety of regenerative therapies for patients. These therapies are low-risk and non-invasive. Which technique is best for you will be discussed at your office visit. Our goal is to get you back to what you love to do without surgery or long recovery times.


Regenerative Therapy

Regenerative cells are typically harvested from bone marrow extracted from your hip, and they can reduce or eliminate the need for surgery. These cells can develop into a number of other types of cells within your body and use your body’s natural response to repair the damage and regenerate new, healthy tissue. Many patients report decreased pain and improved function with long-lasting benefits.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

Platelets play a critical role in healing wounds, soft tissue injuries, and fractures by activating regenerative cells to create new, healthy tissue. PRP Therapy involves an injection of your own platelet-rich plasma that gives your body a natural boost to accelerate the healing process. Many patients report pain relief in addition to rapid healing. 

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