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Workers’ Compensation Staff

Jessika Mattox: 
Direct Phone Number: (251) 450-2750, ext. 2232
E-Mail Address: jmattox@theorthogroup.com
Doctors Responsible for: Dr. Busbee, Dr. Howard, Dr. Klavas*, Dr. McKean, Dr. Rachel, Dr. Stubbs*, Dr. Swigler, Dr. Volkman, Dr. West, and all IMEs
*Physicians starting Fall 2022

Sara Hoffman:
Direct Phone Number: (251) 470-5264, ext. 2256
E-Mail Address: shoffman@theorthogroup.com
Doctors Responsible for: Dr. Conrad, Dr. Cope, Dr. Engerson, Dr. Handwerger, Dr. Kidder, and Dr. McGinley

Tina Hickman:
Direct Phone Number: (251) 470-5267, ext. 2271
E-Mail Address: thickman@theorthogroup.com 
Doctors Responsible for: Dr. Baird, Dr. Barbour, Dr. Cockrell, Dr. Henderson, Dr. Rutledge, and Dr. Wilson

Rhonda Botter: 
Direct Phone Number: (251) 341-2217, ext. 5503
E-Mail Address: rbotter@theorthogroup.com
Doctors Responsible for: Dr. Blackmer, Dr. Eslava, Dr. Frerichs, Dr. Mason, and Dr. Spain

*If out of the office, contact Jessika Mattox.

Kelsey Smith: 
Direct Phone Number: (251) 341-2109, ext. 2109
E-Mail Address: ksmith@theorthogroup.com

*Billing Coordinator for all doctors.

Stephen Jones:  
Director of Marketing, Workers’ Compensation Liaison
Direct Phone Number: (251) 470-5261 ext. 4417

Cell Number: (251) 377-2727
Fax Number: (251) 450-1281
E-Mail Address: sjones@theorthogroup.com

**All nurse case conferences are scheduled by:

Norma Clark:

Direct Phone Number: (251) 450-2751


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Workers’ Compensation Phone Number:

(800) 242-1348 

Workers’ Compensation Fax:

(251) 800-4744

Workers’ Compensation Address:

6144 Airport Boulevard
Mobile, AL 36608

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