Healthy Back To School Tips

August 24, 2016

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Heading back to school is always an exciting time for students. It’s a new year for them to start fresh and begin new things. Parents want their students to be prepared for all the new adventures they might face. Whether they are starting a new classroom, a new after-school activity, or just continuing working towards a goal.

“With school starting back, there will be lots of situations where students may start having back pain, ” says Dr. Adam Handwerger, Pediatric Orthopaedist at The Orthopaedic Group. He says “since most kids are very excited to be back in school, you can find a lot of students of slouching in the desk chairs which can be especially hard on the low back.” Dr. Handwerger recommends students sit in an upright position, with the hips, knees, and ankles at 90-degree angles to take the strain off the lower back. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons also recommends only loading the book bag with 15-20% of the child’s body weight to prevent back strains. Prepare students by giving them the right tools necessary for the new school year. We’ve listed a few helpful tips we thought would help you.

Food is Fuel

beans-UnsplashedMaking sure your child is eating healthy foods can help their minds and bodies throughout the school week. Parents can start by sitting down and planning each meal. Meal planning eliminates getting caught in a pinch and offering something less than healthy. Planning your grocery list in advance can help you and your student have a healthier week of meals. Eating healthy and taking vitamins also helps with bone strength.

Have A Healthy Posture

Clusterflunk stock photo.While you can’t be in the class to constantly tell your child to stop slouching, you can help their poster in other ways. Make sure they are carrying the right backpack. This can help their posture and their back all school year. A number of books and notebooks kids carry can sometimes be overwhelming but making sure the backpack they use distributes weight evenly and the straps are strong enough can make or break your student. Check this helpful chart from wiki how to learn more about straps, padding and more.

Routine is Key

schedule-unsplashHaving a consistent schedule can help your student and you. It makes for more reliable mornings, afternoons at school and night times. Having a routine schedule also helps give children a sense of security and helps them develop self-discipline. If you are on your own schedule with work and activities, it helps you as well through the day knowing what your student is up to or has planned.

Even though these tips can be helpful and make things a little easier this school year, nothing can prepare for the little life accidents that happen throughout the week. If you or your student are in need of help due to aches and pains, call our offices today at 251-450-2746.